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Nom du jeu card number variations number system
1-2 Reset Relay label STD-215    
3-4 Reset Relay label STD-216    
10 Point Relay STD-39    
100 Point Relay STD-38    
1000 Point Relay STD-209    
1 Unit label STD-5    
10 Unit label STD-4    
100 Unit label STD-3    
1000 Unit label STD-2    
10,000 Unit label STD-1    
100,000 Unit label STD-475    
10 to 90 Unit STD-6    
100 to 900 Unit STD-7    
1000 to 9000 Unit STD-8    
10,000 to 90,000 Unit STD-9    
3 or 5 Balls Play label STD-461    
5c Adjustment label STD-343    
10c Adjustment label STD-79    
10c Adjustment label STD-342    
25c Adjustment label STD-46    
25c Adjustment label STD-537    
500 Relay STD-524    
A.S.C. Balls per Game cards A.S.C. 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-11-12    
Achtung decal (German)      
Adjust Ball Tilt STD-4A    
Anti-Slam switch ST-97    
Anti-Slam switch STD-49    
Anti-Slam switch STD-61    
Alternating Relay STD-XX (unknown)    
Apron cover SCA      
Apron cover SC-A      
Aux. Power fuse chart (System-11) STD-936    
Aux. Power fuse chart (System-11) 16-8587-1012-1    
BackBox clip warning (German) example    
BackBox Text Caution-Achtung-Attention-Attenzione example    
BackBox Tekst printing example (Taxi)    
Ball Coin Unit STD-33    
Ball Release Relay label STD-302    
Bill Acceptor label looks like this    
Caution High Voltage behind panel      
Caution High Voltage behind panel, Revision 2      
Caution High Voltage Bottom side of Playfield      
Caution High Voltage under the playfield lockbar sticker      
CE label 16-10198    
Change Coin Entry STD-242    
Change Relay STD 21    
Coin Adjustment STD-547    
Coin box chart in German example    
Coin Door "Achtung" label German coin door label    
Coin Door "Danger" label Electric Shock warning    
Coin door logo 1950-1960 also available from  
Coin Entry labels various labels for the red reject button    
Coin Unit label STD-11    
Convenience receptacle label 16-9244    
CPU-proms STD-608    
Credit Unit STD-246    
Danger 115V Coils Red Label STD-23A    
Danger High Voltage STD-586    
Delay Relay STD-274    
Diagnostic cards 16-8587-875 (System-9)  16-8587-906 (System-11)  
Display label STD-657 (System-11)    
Enter Credits STD-644    
Envelope EM games no number    
Envelope SS games no number (used for Black Knight)    
Export Only sticker 16-9177    
Export Only sticker STD-805    
Extra Ball Relay label STD-32    
FBI label STD-825    
FCC card 16-8587-795    
FCC card STD-795    
FCC card 16-10139    
FCC card 16-9306    
Flipper decals      
For Greater Profit label example    
Fuse card (System-6) STD-624    
Fuse labels (small) STD-581, STD-595, STD-612, STD-868, STD-869, STD-882, STD-883, STD-923, STD-924, STD-925, STD-926
Fuse label STD-10A    
Fuse label STD-532    
Fuse label 16-9668    
Fuse label STRD53, STD-81    
Fuse label 10 Amp STD-509    
G.I. fuse label 16-8587-841    
Game Over Relay label STD-89    
Ground Strap label STD 523 (label number error?)    
Ground Strap label STD-583    
Ground Strap label 16-10223    
Ground Wire STD-80    
High Tap notice label STD-12A    
High Voltage caution STD A-701    
Horse Unit Motor label STD-263    
Important Notice STD-16A    
Inspected by labels example    
Install balls labels 16-8978-3    
Kick-Off Switch STD-55    
Lamp #1251 label STD-901    
Lamp #89 label STD-902    
Manufacturer's Certificate Form 1206 (can be adapted to other games, e-mail me) EM
Master Command card STD-602    
Master Command card STD-617 (System-6)    
Match unit label STD-34    
Motor replacement card 2 versions    
Motor Service Jack label      
Number Match Adjust label STD-47    
Outlet Warning STD-615    
Patent Pending BackBox label yellow text printed on the back box