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100,000 unit SK391-13     EM
25 cent chute adjustment SK338-28     EM
Advice Location A-6234     EM
AS-relay Adjustment B-11492     EM
Back mask A-9995     extra card
Back mask A-11559     extra card
Balls Per Game Adjustment label A-14636     EM
Bookkeeping & Selftest card for system 80 B-19994     80
Bottom Switch card A-11830     EM
Caution, turn game off before switch adjustments A-18896      
Clean the Playfield A-6505      
Coin Box sticker A-4658     EM
Coin Chute Changeover A-7497     EM
Coin Chute labels 1st chute, 2nd chute, 3rd chute, extra chute     EM
Coin Counters label A-19869     80
Coin door labels various 10c, 20c, 25c, free play labels      
Coin door labels (Euro) various euro coin lables      
Coin Entrance Lit A-11312     EM
Coin Switch adjustment A-13354     EM
Danger (French) A-19942     80
Envelope for EM games A-14390     EM
Envelope for EM games with 3 BALL stamp A-14390     EM
Envelope for EM games (small) (example Flying High)     EM
Envelope for Premier games 25518     SS
Envelope for SS games A-14390-2     SS
Flipper Button cards SK49-2 &SK49-3     EM
Flipper Decals        
Front Moulding Lockdown B-7510     EM
Fuse label A-7990, A-7987     EM
Fuse labels A-9480 (1/2 AMP.), 7 1/2 AMP Primary Fuse      
Fuse strips (System-1) example     1
Game Adjustment Credit-Extra Ball A-17269      
Hanger for back door key SK264      
Important Notice card B-7921 (2 versions), B-22656 (French)     EM
Line Voltage on Door label A-6422     EM
Match Feature label A-6848     EM
Match Feature label SK307-3      
Number to Match cards SK329-10 SK329-11     EM
Patent card A-15728     EM
Premier Technology card 24485-1     80B
Primary Fuse label A-19294-1, A-24136     80
Playboard Cleaning card A-5988 (2 versions)     EM
Point score adjustment card A-6521     EM
Point score adjustment card A-10776     EM
Point score adjustment card A-13546, A-13871     EM
Point score adjustment card A-14145     EM
Point score adjustment card A-17151     EM
Point (High) score adjustment card A-14558-1     EM
Pop Bumper label A-10777     EM
Replay Unit A-4283 labels A-4283     EM
Score cards for System 3 games 25718, 25719(French), 29047, 29458     universal
Score cards for System 80 games A-18287 back & front, A-18288 back & front     universal
Score cards listing (levels) all score card levels known to me      
Score reel numbers (0-9) replacement reel numbers (click to see a reproduction result)   EM
Score reel numbers (1-10) side-by-side example     EM
Score to Beat backglass card A-5281, A-5282, A-5283, A-5284, A-5701, A-5727     universal
Smart Switch labels       3
Special Transformer A-6423-2     EM
Special Transformer A-19073      
System 3 fuse cards 29522, 31556     3
System 80 Caution card       80
System 80 Dipswitch Settings Chart A-20000 (Control Board Switch Adjustments)     80
System 80 fuse labels       80
System 80 Soundboard card A-19998     80
System 80 Driver Board Transistor Assignment A-19993     80
System 80 Warning card A-18261     80
System 80A Bookkeeping - Selftest (French) B-22662     80A
System 80B Bookkeeping - Selftest 24431     80B
System 80B Bookkeeping - Selftest (French) 24432     80B
System 80B Dipswitches (French) A-24346     80B
System 80B fliter warning A-23667-1, A-23840 (French)     80B
System 80B fuse cards A-25029, A-25471 (French), A-25096     80B
System 80B score cards 25417, 25479, 25719     80B
Tilt cards A-9387, A-9099, A-9099-1     EM
Tilt Mechanism card A-9387 (Cow Poke)     EM
Transformer Adjustment A-10691      
Transformer card SK91-10      
Various French Attention labels       80B
Very Important card A-6235-1, A-6235-2     EM
Very Important card SK130      
Warning 110V on door SK156-2     EM
Wiring Diagram Symbols A-6238     EM
Nom du jeu cards score cards index cards systeem
2001  B-13235-2 5 ball full set A-13236-3 EM