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Nom du jeu card number cards confirmed cards needed system
"Staple Here" label used as check on playfields, backboxes, cable's, ect.    
Ball Tilt Assembly card label used under the ball-roll tilt assembly     
Balls Per Game cards (M-1509) M-1509- to be used on the EM machines (38x96mm)    
CE label 16-10198 mostly found on the back of the DMD machines in Europe    
Coin Door "Achtung" label German coin door label    
Coin Door "Danger" label Electric Shock warning    
Coin Door Insert replacement for the lit coin plastic    
Coin Entry labels various labels for the red reject button    
Credit reel numbers replacement reel numbers for the credit wheel    
Do not burnish contacts card-9        
EOS Caution stickers 16-9316, -1 (French) & -2 (German) used under the playfield near the flippers    
Export Only sticker 16-9177 mostly found on the back of the machines in Europe    
FCC card 16-10139  found on the back of Bally-Midway machines    
FCC card 16-9306  found on the back of Bally-Williams machines    
FCC card (untested equipment) unnumbered label    
High score level adjustment chart used in a lot of EM machines   EM
High Score/Match insert label insert label used on many SS-serie score cards    
High Voltage Display cover HV-Display cover    
High Voltage Display label HV-Display label (Bally-Midway)    
High Voltage Shield label HV-Shield label      
High Voltage Shield label M-051-00044-0000    
High Voltage Rectifier label HV-Rectifier label    
Line Voltage Caution Sticker 115V        
Line Voltage Caution Sticker 220V        
Line Voltage Caution Sticker 230V        
Line Voltage Caution Sticker 240V        
Match unit lubrication label 0-9 match unit contact plate rivets lubrication    
Patent label patent 4093232 and 4093232 & 4198051    
Pinball 2000 labels look in the Williams section    
Playfield support Notice sticker Notice sticker found on the playfield support arm     
Price cards (Bally & Williams) 16-9009, 16-9473, 16-9474, 16-9475, 16-9528, 16-8983-1-Ger, 16-8911    
Score cards (1968) a series of score cards to be used on games from around 1968 (800 thru 8200 points)  
Score cards (1970) a series of score cards to be used on games from around 1970 (20,000 thru 92,000 points)  
Score cards (M-1508) full series of score cards to be used on various games (still missing a few)    
Score reel numbers replacement reel numbers (click to see a reproduction result for Gottlieb)   EM
Serviceman label to remove Bally Easyout backglass    
Stepper unit lubrication label universal stepper unit contact plate rivets lubrication    
To Remove Backbox card how to remove the backbox off the hinges    
Transformer card -18 card -18 for transformer E122-123 and E122-124    
Tuff-Coat label Bally Tuff-Coat playfield warning label    
Under the playfield labels various labels used on the under side of the playfield    
Various High Voltage labels        
Varistor card -1        
4 Queens M-1508-6 F-H-K   EM
Aces High ACE 1-M, R, IN-F-2   EM
Air Aces M-1508-40 A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-Z complete EM
Airway       EM
Aladdin's Castle M-1508-52 A-B-C-D-E, relay strips complete EM
Aladdin's Castle (game adjustments) M-469-90     EM
Alligator (Gator) G-GAT 1M(R)    EM
Amigo M-1508-33 A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-J-M   EM
Atlantis   16-2006, 16-2000-1-L, 16-2000-1-R   Bally mpu 6803
Atlantis Tech Chart      
Attack from Mars   16-10181 & Dutch   WPC-95
Attack from Mars Tech Chart      
Baby Pacman   Please Note label   Bally mpu 133
Baby Pacman Tech Chart     Bally mpu 133
Bali Hi M-1508-11 B-C-D-E-H-I-J-K-O-Z   EM
Bali Bl 1-2-3-4   EM
Balls-A-Poppin   Form-B, Form-C   EM
BallyHoo BAL 1M, 1M German and various score cards   EM
Band Wagon unknown     EM
Bazaar BAZ 5-6-7-8-9   EM
Beat the Clock M051-00C70 A030, A039   Bally mpu 6803
Beat the Clock (Red & Blue) X-00.000 1150, 1153, 1173   Bally mpu 6803
Beat the Clock Tech Chart      
Big Day BD 1   EM
Big Show M-1508-31 A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-Z   EM
Big Time   2-5-10   EM-bingo
Big Valley BIG-V     EM
Black Belt Tech Chart      
Black Jack M-1508-73 A thru JJ complete Bally mpu 17
Black Jack Tech Chart      
Black Pyramid M051-00A44 A030-A031-A032-A036-A037-A038-A039 complete Bally mpu 35
Black Pyramid Tech Chart      
Black Rose   16-20013-1 & 16-20013-1-GER   WPC-fliptr.2
Black Rose Tech Chart      
Blackwater 100   drop target decal   Bally mpu 6803
Blackwater 100 Tech Chart      
BMX M-1508-109 A-B-E-E1-F-F1-G-G1 complete Bally mpu 35
BMX Tech Chart      
Bon Voyage M-1508-39 A-A1-B-B1-C-D-E-F-G-J-J1-J2-K-K1-L-Z H-I EM
Boomerang M-1508-38 A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-Z complete EM
Bow and Arrow M-1508-45 A-B-C-D-E complete Bally mpu 17
Bowl-O BOWL 8M   EM
Bug's Bunny Birthday Ball   16-20009-2, 16-20009-X, 16-20009-2-German   11C
Bug's Bunny Birthday Ball Tech Chart      
Cactus Canyon   16-10768, coin card   WPC-95
Cactus Canyon Tech Chart