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Nom du jeu cards system  
Score cards 3 ball, 5 ball both with blank scores spaces
Antar   MPU 1  
Attack instruction & score    
Big Town      
Black Fever      
Cerberus instruction    
Chance instruction    
Conquest-200 instruction EM  
Evil Fight      
Fairy instruction & score EM  
Fandango instruction & score EM  
Fantasy instruction & score EM  
Fiesta instruction & score EM  
Flash Dragon      
KZ-26   MPU 5  
Last Lap instruction    
Mad Race instruction & score    
Meg Aaton   MPU 3  
Nautilus   MPU 4  
New World instruction & score EM  
Phantom Ship      
Rock 2500      
Skill Flight      
Space Gambler instruction    
Spain 82      
Speakeasy instruction EM  
Star Fire      
Stop Ship      
The Raid instruction    
Trailer   MPU 5  
Zira instruction